Adult Training & Awards

When leaders understand the why and how of Scouting, they provide a quality, fun-filled program for boys. It is often said, “Every Scout deserves a trained leader,” but it is also true that “Every leader deserves training.”

Completing training will not only make your job as a leader easier, but it will make it more fulfilling and will give you confidence as you fulfill your responsibilities.

How can I get trained?

  • Training Requirements – Everything you need to know to become fully trained for your position.
  • E-Learning – Online courses are now offered for most positions. You now no longer must seek out classroom offerings to be fully trained for your position.
  • Live Instructor Training – The Shelby District and the Greater Alabama Council also provides classroom training during the year. Follow the calendar to learn when the next training course is scheduled. The information box (to the right) shows recent training blog posts as well. Another great resource is the Shelby District Newsletter.
  • Roundtable – A wealth of information is shared montly at the Shelby District Roundtable.

Where do I find training events?

If you are looking for a training events such as IOLS, BALOO, Wood Badge and others, visit the Activities page, the Shelby District Newsletter, and the Shelby District calendar.


District Award of Merit
Unit Leader Award of Merit

There are two awards that an adult leader must be nominated to receive:

Training Awards

Adult leaders can earn awards and other recognition by completing the training required for their position and meet specific performance measurements. Below is the list of the awards that adult leaders can apply to be recognized as having earned. Click on the award name to download a progress tracking sheet that is submitted when all requirements for the award are completed.

Cub Scout Awards

Den Leader Training Award
Scouter's Training Award
Scouter's Key

Boy Scout Awards

Venturing Awards

Commissioner/District Awards

Please mail or deliver Award Forms to:

Jay Elliott
Greater Alabama Council
P.O. Box 43307
Birmingham, AL 35243

You can fax the forms to 205-970-0349 or you can email them to .



Religious Emblems

youth-religious-knotThe religious emblems program is administered by P.R.A.Y Publishing. Information on the program can be found on their website. You can also contact the Greater Alabama Council Religious Emblems Coordinator Kristin Massie for more information.

Shelby District Leader Award Banquet


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