Have you ever wanted to have something posted to the Shelby District page but didn’t know who to contact? Have you ever requested something to be posted and wondered by it takes so long (us too!)?

In an effort to help make sharing information better, the Shelby District is rolling out a new request process for getting posts added to the website. If you want to have something posted, you can make a request by filling out the online form at

Filling out the form and submitting it will notify the webadmin who will then use it to create a draft post and send to you for approval before posting. This will allow for better scheduling of when posts are made so that your post will have the best chance of being seen and not eclipsed by other posts.

One thing to remember: when submitting the request, please give plenty of advance notice so that the post can be drafted, approved, and scheduled. As with most things in Scouting, the website is maintained by volunteers so giving plenty of advanced notice increases the chances of your post getting published when you need it.

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