Shelby District Camporee


On October 30-November 1, 2020 we will hold our annual Fall Camporee at Camp Sequoyah in Delta, Alabama.

NPG x139622; Robert Baden-Powell - Portrait - National Portrait ...


In 1899 the future First Chief Scout of the World, Colonel Robert Baden-Powell, was sent to South Africa to raise a regiment in the region surrounding the town of Mafeking. A few months after his arrival the Boer War erupted. A large Boer force of 9,000 men advanced on the Mafeking defended by Colonel Baden Powell with only 1,251 combatants. During the 217 day siege the Boer forces fired 20,000 shells into the town and nearly 326 of B-P’s force were killed. His heroic and successful defense of this small town of some 8000 inhabitants against overwhelming odds was an inspiration to his country and resulted in his promotion to Major General and inspired his founding of the Worldwide scouting movement.


· Nighttime program!

· Booby traps, snipers, spies, Boer encampments, secret passwords!

· Scout Skills put to the test!

· Patrol Competitions and Leadership Challenges

· Arrow of Lights camp and participate with troops

· Webelos-specific activities provided

For more information contact David Luthin at

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